We understand teachers because we are teachers.

At EdTechTeacher, we understand teachers because all of us have been in the classroom. Given our backgrounds, we recognize the challenge of preparing students for an increasingly complex and cognitively demanding world, so we leverage our experiences to provide professional development to teachers who are dedicated to creating innovative learning opportunities for their students.

From large school districts to small independent schools, we have experience with a wide range of educational settings and grade levels. If your school or district is trying to leverage new technologies to support student learning, we are excited to partner with you.

How We Got Started

EdTechTeacher’s origins trace back to 2000 when Tom Daccord received a small grant to develop resources for his pilot laptop history classroom. After a few years teaching in a 1:1 classroom, Tom organized and led his first public summer workshop, Teaching History with Technology at Noble and Greenough School. By 2005 Tom had migrated to the IT department at Nobles and trained teachers in effective technology integration. In 2006, Justin Reich and Tom, teaching colleagues at Nobles, began their edtech partnership and co-authored Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology. By the summer of 2008, EdTechTeacher had become a full-time endeavor offering a range of summer education technology workshops as well as onsite school workshops, presentations, and online courses.

Over the past few years, we have diversified our offerings and expanded our team, but our mission remains the same: to support educators in their quest to enrich student learning experiences through emerging technologies.