High SchoolScienceSTEM

Creator: Sandra Lemke (@MsSLemke)
Suggested Grade Level: High School
Subject Area: Science

Learning Objective

Students should name any Chemical Compound or Formula, or at least be able to recognize what the formula would be, for chemicals found in their daily life (like in the ingredients list of common household products).

Project Description

Chemical Nomenclature is one of the hardest units to teach in Chemistry. There are not a lot of hands-on activities that accompany the rules for naming Chemicals. Using NearPod, I set-up the entire Chemical Nomenclature unit so that students could interact in the lessons via draw-it, open-ended questions, quizzes, etc. Having the lessons set up on Nearpod also allowed for me to assess the students instantly as well as provide instant feedback.

Chemical Nomenclature takes a lot of practice beyond just a basic understanding of the rules that go with the Naming of Chemicals. Setting up the lessons for this unit via Nearpod enhanced my student understanding by giving them more practice than what I could offer them without Nearpod.

Additional Resources

Link to the Nearpod Presentation that I have created for students to use while teaching this Unit.

Extending the Project
Using Nearpod to get your students active in your lesson is something that could be used with any discipline, subject area, or grade level. Just don’t over use it. Students like new and exciting things…no matter how old they are. They will always be more interested if they are getting the opportunity to use something that is new to them or something they don’t use every day.