Creators: iPad Monthly (@iPad_Monthly)
Suggested Grade Level: Middle School
Subject Area: English, Language Arts, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Interdisciplinary
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Learning Objective

Students learn to formulate arguments, craft debates, and explore subject content in a fun and creative way.

Project Description

Students use the Comic Life app to write and develop multimedia opinion pieces. After researching their topic, students use Open Source media, such as the free images available on the iPad Monthly student site, to compliment their arguments. By using the different text and photo options, students create fun, interactive comics that demonstrate their ability to debate or persuade.

Extending the Project

Although each student creates their own Comic Debate, the quality of the finished result is dependent on the student’s ability to work collaboratively with other students. Ask students to take photos of scenes or allow them to survey other students to understand different perspectives on a topic.
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Additional Resources

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