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Suggested Grade Level: Elementary- Middle School
Subject Area: Computer Science 
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Learning Objective

Explore different features of user interfaces that allow people from different cultures to access information irrespective of language background. For example, using consistent icons or symbols allows users to engage familiarly with the interface, regardless of language.

Project Description

Students will create a basic Flappy Bird game using sprite characters. Students learn to manipulate game design elements to explore how game design affects the user experience. Students apply the principles and elements of design to a set of requirements in order to produce a user interface for a system that addresses an identified need, for example to emphasize or highlight an area of the screen to draw the viewer’s attention to an event or action.

Extending the Project

Extend the project by posing challenging, level appropriate questions to students that make them explore further concepts. Such questions could be: How can we make make more challenging levels and give the player incentive to play the game? What elements do successful games include to make the gaming experience more attractive?
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Additional Resources

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