Create a Historical Scrolling Timeline

Creators: iPad Monthly (@iPad_Monthly)
Suggested Grade Level: Middle School
Subject Area: History
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Learning Objective

Students learn about their own society and other societies in the world, both past and present; and how they function socially, culturally, economically and politically.

Project Description

Students will create historical scrolling timelines. The finished product involves students using the Explain Everything app to stitch and lock images together, giving a smooth scrolling effect. In the Explain Everything app, students will add dates and narration to produce a video file that will be shared with the teacher. Students explore their own identity, heritage and cultural diversity, as well as a country’s identity as a nation in the world. They examine the significance of traditions and shared values within society, and how societies and economies operate and how they are changing over time. Students examine developments that have resulted in bringing about change.

Extending the Project

This project could be extended into English or Language Arts classes to develop scrolling narratives or plot summaries of stories read in class. Student could create engaging presentations to share with classmates, review concepts, or recall plot and theme information from the text.
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Additional Resources

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