Creating Equation iBooks with Book Creator


MathMiddle School

Creator: Dan Bowdoin (@danbowdoin)
Suggested Grade Level: Middle School
Subject Area: Math

Project Description
In order to have middle school students understand the value of solving simple equations – rather than just doing mental math – they used videos created by math peer tutors as inspiration for their own books on one-step equations.

Students used a combination of paper, pencil and iPad to create these books. In addition to including images and facts, students recorded short videos explaining the process verbally. This last feature encouraged students to strengthen their math vocabulary and reflect on their problem solving.

>>>Learn more about the Tools and Tasks to make this project a reality.

Extending the Project
The concept of having students create their own math books could be extended to other aspects of the curriculum. By creating eBooks, students further improve their mathematical vocabulary, problem solving, and metacognition – especially by incorporating screencasts to make their thinking visual.

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