Demonstrate a Scientific Concept through Code with Hopscotch

Creators: iPad Monthly (@iPad_Monthly)
Suggested Grade Level: Middle- High School
Subject Area: Science
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Learning Objective

Students will learn how to communicate ideas, explanations and processes in a variety of ways. Including multi-modal texts, students will process and analyze data and information as well as construct and use a range of representations,tables, and graphs to describe scientific observations.

Project Description

Students are going to use Hopscotch to create a simple animation that demonstrates varying scientific concepts such as gravity. Students will create different characters that perform the actions. For an example with gravity, one character will throw the ball and the other will be the ball. Objects, such as tennis balls, can be found by creating a text object and then clicking on the emojis on the keyboard. Students can also add a sound code for a realistic effect. This project is a great opportunity to discuss and consolidate X,Y grid points, make connections between concepts, and be introduced to code! Use this tutorial as a teaching tool. It is important that students then create their own animation explaining a different concept. This may also be used in other curriculum areas as students could use code to explain a series of historical events or the plot of a novel.

Additional Resources

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