Famous Nebraskans Come to Life

History/ Social StudiesMiddle School

Creator: Ann Feldmann (@annfeldmann1)
Suggested Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area: History/Social Studies

Project Description

Courtney Smeby (@coachsmeby), a 4th grade teacher, wanted a fun way to engage her students in learning and reviewing a number of famous Nebraskans in preparation for an upcoming test. She wanted her students to learn biographical information as well as the significant impact that they had on society. iPad Coach, Ann Feldman, decided to incorporate augmented reality and involve some older students in the process. Not only would the fourth graders be able to see and hear these Nebraskans as they come to life in a Tellagami video, but they would also be up and moving as they scan the auras with their iPads. As the students scan an image of a famous Nebraskan, a short video created by a middle school colleague would pop up and tell all about this famous person.

Additional Resources

To see details on the lesson plan, photos, and step by step directions to create the auras, see Ann’s blog post.

Extending the Project
This would be a fabulous project for any grade level on any topic. Students can incorporate augmented reality using either Aurasma or Layer to extend the physical with digital content. Consider scanning images of maps, plant life around the school, or even door signs to learn more about the teachers or administrators in each room. While these students used iPads, augmented reality apps work on iOS or Android devices with cameras.