Foreign LanguageHigh School

Creator: Greg Kulowiec (@gregkulowiec)

Suggested Grade Level: High School

Subject Area: Foreign Language

Project Description
Students create their own sub-titled foreign films based on the existentialist genre of Henri le Chat. Students work in groups to pick a theme, write the subtitles for their scenes in the target language, and then video the final performance. Not only does this project allow students to build their vocabulary, but it also provides them with an authentic context in which they can practice their pronunciation. The final videos can all be curated onto a class web site or blog such as this Ode de Henri the Cat created with Wix.

Greg describes the process in full on his blog.

Extending the Project
Though this iPad was completed using iPads, it could just as easily be accomplished with a different tablet or mobile device. Video could be edited with iMovie (Mac),Animoto, or WeVideo.