Creator: Terrie Brown (@terriebrown17)
Suggested Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area:  English/ Language Arts


Learning Objectives

Students will learn to write their own fractured fairy tale and then how to narrate and illustrate their story using the My Story App.

Project Description

After reading and discussing several fairy tales and fractured fairy tales, students write their own fractured fairy tale. They could mix two fairy tales or just stick with one. However, students cannot use any character names from existing fairy tales. Students used multiple picture books for reference and created their stories using the My Story app. After students create their stories, the class watched all of the students’ work.

How Would You Extend the Project?

“Fractured Fairy Tales” could be extended to any grade level or subject. The project could be used in theatre classes or foreign language classes. It could also be extended into a cross-curricula project involving several classes or age groups to develop a unique fairy tale. The project is easily integrated into any classroom as a way to engage students and spark creativity.

Additional Resources