Geometry is All Around Us

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Creator: Cassi Yates (@cassiyates)
Suggested Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area: Math

Learning Objective

Students gain a deeper understanding of geometric terms by finding examples in their everyday world.

Project Description

First, students create a Quizlet with the specific geometry terms. Then, they use BookCreator to create a Geometry book by taking pictures of the terms around our school. For example, students took a picture of the clock and identified the hands of the clock as being an acute angle. On each page students include a picture, a term, and a definition of the term. When the students copleted their books, they uploaded them into Seesaw to receive feedback from their classmates!

Extending the Project

It would be great for students to be able to extend this project by finding the terms in their towns or homes. Older students could take a similar approach to create a book illustrating mathematical concepts in the real world even including video.