Health Without Borders

High SchoolMiddle SchoolScienceSTEM

Creator: Jodie Deinhammer (@jdeinhammer)
Suggested Grade Level: Middle School, High School
Subject Area: Science, STEM

Project Description
In Jodie Deinhammer’s Anatomy & Physiology course, students accepted the challenge to help stop the spread of disease. To do this, they collaborated over the course of the last school year to develop their own iTunes U course to teach elementary aged students key health and wellness concepts. Throughout the 2013-14 school year, they offered one course every six weeks – including the opportunity to Skype at the end of each term in order to ask questions. Each unit of the course, completely created by Jodie’s students, included online activities and lessons to teach how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Currently, the course has over 26,000 subscribers from all over the world!

Check out the iTunes U project on iTunes

Extending the Project
The concept of older students creating course content for younger students could be applied to other topics such as exercising, digital citizenship, and content areas. If iPads and iTunes U are not an option in your school or district, students could still create and publish using other platforms such as Google Sites or a blogging platform.