iFake Text – Having fun with Dialogue!

Creator: Erin Klein (@KleinErin)
Suggested Grade Level: High School
Subject Area: English/Language Arts or History

Project Description
iFakeText creates text message screenshots from a computer. Students could use this tool at all grade levels to work on their development of dialog. As Erin writes, “One really interesting idea I’d like to explore with this tool is the idea of developing character voice. Having students develop dialogue in the voice of their character would be powerful for their writing. I believe this activity would encourage learners to chose specific vocabulary to fit the time period, select strong verbs to convey precise action, and to develop mood to elicit proper tone between the characters.”

It could also be a powerful tool for modeling digital citizenship and media literacy, as students could share their fake texts and analyze them for context, meaning, language, and vocabulary.

>>>Read more about this project and Erin’s ideas on her blog.

Extending the Project
A great project could be for students to recreate historical or literary events as though texting existed. What would Paul Revere have sent via text message? How might Romeo and Juliet corresponded after their meeting at the ball? This could be a fun way for students to explore more advanced concepts.