Industrial Philosophers Project


Creator: Shawn McCusker (@shawnmccusker)

Suggested Grade Level: High School

Subject Area: History/ Social Studies

Project Description
The goal of this Industrial Philosophers unit is to have students research and compare a variety of the ideas and philosophies that came about as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Students need to gain broad information about all of the philosophers, compare two or more of them, and then do an in-depth investigation of one individual. Three products that demonstrate the students’ understanding are submitted electronically. Students are encouraged to pick and choose the individuals that are most interesting to them, and then create a product that they feel best demonstrates their knowledge of the content as illustrated by the video below

>>> For more information about the structure of the project, check out Shawn’s Choice Board.

Watch the Full Playlist:


Extending the Project
The project choice board could be applied to any historical era or topic. Shawn also recommends concluding this unit, or a similar unit, with a class debate where students argue for which philosopher is best and which proves to be wrong.