Creator: Laura Swanson (@lswanson79)
Suggested Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area:  Interdisciplinary

Learning Objective

Students will learn about infographics and then create an infographic on a topic of interest.

Project Description

Students first learned the basics of infographics: why they are so prevalent in our digital world today, the essential elements of creating infographics, and the do’s and don’ts of creating visual graphics. All of these objectives were taught via a slideshow shared with students thru their Google Drive. Students then accessed various online articles, used different iOS apps such as Notability and Popplet to summarize or take notes, and then shared with our small groups. Students also used the eduClipper app to view different types of infographics. Finally, the students selected a topic for their infographic. To create the infographic and share with the rest of the group, students could choose Canva, PicCollage, Pages, or Glogster. Some used a combination of apps and created fun graphs online at before saving them into another app on their iPad (Pictograph is not available as an app).

Extending the Project

I teach small groups of high-ability learners in grades 4-6. We have a set of 10 iPads that I use with all of my students in 5 different elementary schools. Utilizing this shared model is more challenging than a 1:1 iPad classroom due to the time that it takes to login to their Google Drive accounts. However, I try to keep this to a minimum, if possible, by using QR codes that students scan to view the daily slideshow. The project was successful because students really did not know what an infographic was before we talked about them. They also learned about visual elements and how to create appealing visuals. Students really enjoyed using new and different apps to create their infographic. This topic and approach could be applied to any content area.