Creator: Suzy Brooks (@simplysuzy)

Suggested Grade Level: Elementary

Subject Area: English/Language Arts & History/Social Studies

Project Description
After selecting a famous character from history, students use computers and mobile devices to research pertinent facts in order to write a traditional research report. Their research will also be used to create a first-person script for the culminating project. Ultimately, the students will “become” their historical character. They will design a costume, collect relevant artifacts, and memorize their script for a Living Wax Museum performance.

Mobile devices, or desktop computers with built-in cameras, can be used to record and review practice sessions. Final performances can also be recorded and posted online (a great way to review past years’ efforts) for sharing with families.

To extend the project, QR codes can be created and posted during the Living Wax Museum presentation, where attendees can scan them onto their personal smart phones or mobile devices and watch video performances later.

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Extending the Project
In combining QR codes with video presentations, students could create a variety of museum type exhibits with a focus ranging from historical figures to ancient artifacts.