Creator: Kristen Wideen (@MrsWideen)
Suggested Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area: English/Language Arts, History/Social Studies, Science

Project Description
This particular project morphed from discussion in Kristen Wideen’s class of “which animals came from eggs.” To begin, the students researched animals in order to determine whether or not they originated from eggs. After culminating the research process, students then created and shared video riddles to describe the traits of their animals. Using iPads and the Explain Everything app, their videos included their own reading as well as illustrations. Not only did her students complete an inquiry project, but they also learned to write riddles and had an opportunity to share them via their blogs.

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Extending the Project
While students created these riddles about animals, for older children, they could use historical or literary figures as well as broader scientific concepts. A similar project could have been created with web tools such as Educreations, Little Bird Tales, or Animoto if iPads are not available.