Our Year in Poems: A Digital Anthology

Creator: Meghan Zigmond (@ZigZagsTech)
Suggested Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area: English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Interdisciplinary

Project Description

In Meghan’s first grade class, students reflected on their year and wrote at least one poem fir each significant moment that they could recall. After revising and editing their work, they selected from the class “”App Menus”” to create their projects. App choices included anything that the students felt comfortable using and ranged from Haiku Deck, Doodle Buddy, and Word Clouds to Pic Collage – or any combination. Most students then elected to add voice to their published poem through ChatterPix Kid or Tellagami. All poems of the were published to either our camera roll and YouTube Channel or the Haiku Deck Gallery allowing each one to be shared via a url. After completing the poems, each student chose a word to represent their first grade experience and used chalk and black paper to write it out. Meghan took a picture of each one and then used PicMonkey to create a collage that could serve as the background of a ThingLink. The published ThingLink served as a yearbook created by the class and showcased their excellent skills as poets!


Additional Resources

Read more about the process on Meghan’s Blog:


Extending the Project
This type of reflective project could be done in any classroom and at just about any grade level. Rather than wait until the end of the year, it could start at the beginning and become a form of documentation. It could also be more interdisciplinary, as each poem might incorporate different topics being studied and serve as a reflection of the students’ understanding.