Creator: Meghan Zigmond (@ZigZagsTech)
Suggested Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area: Math

Project Description

“In Meghan’s first grade class, students needed to demonstrate their understanding of numbers from 1-100 by showing the standard and expanded forms of these numbers as well as a picture to represent the concept. Her students also needed to demonstrate their understanding of the greater than and less than concept and symbols. To do this, each student chose two numbers to compare and then used an iPad plus the Number Pieces Basic app to build their numbers with base ten blocks. They then took a screen shot of each number and brought it into Popplet in order to illustrate the concepts of greater than/less than as well as their number sentences. Her students completed this project in small groups at a math station table. It provided a great opportunity for discussions and observations on students’ true understandings.

Additional Resources

To see details on the lesson plan, photos, and step by step directions to create on Meghan’s Blog.

Extending the Project
Popplet Lite could be used in conjunction with Number Pieces Basic to create any number of graphic organizers related to place value and number sense. Another option would be to combine Popplet with a different math resource app such as GeoBoards to illustrate difference concepts. This project can further be extended by adding an app like Explain Everything, Educreations, ScreenChomp, or Draw & Tell where students could then explain their thinking. For students who do not have access to iPads, a similar activity could be created using the web-based version of Popplet (popplet.com).