Creator: Nikolaos Chatzopoulos (@chatzopoulosn)
Suggested Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area: English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Interdisciplinary

Project Description

Students in my 4th-grade classroom were working on plant reproduction and decided that they wanted to illustrate their knowledge using technology and the iPads. After a short discussion, they decided that they wanted to challenge themselves and see if it would be possible to create an iBook with videos and pictures.

In order to do that, the students worked in pairs. The collaborated using a number of activities, and then brought their final products in iBooks Author to create the iBook. First, some of the students used Tellagami to create their initial movies. Others used the Camera app and recorded their videos directly onto iPads. Still others used iMovie to enhance their videos with captions or transitions. Some of the students chose to import their movies in VideoMix and give them a “comic book” look. After that, the students imported their final products into iBooks Author and created their iBook. Two of the students used Keynote and GarageBand to create the video intro we used at the beginning of the iBook. Another two students collected all of the videos and put the iBook together working on a MacBook.


Plant Reproduction iBook:

Another iBook from Nik on Augmented Reality:

Extending the Project
Students could expand this activity by composing text that would go along with their videos and explain a bit more in depth some of the concepts. Also, students could use the 3-D widget in iBooks Author to add 3-dimensional pictures of pollinators, or they could use the Questions widget to ask questions about the facts they shared in their videos and texts in order to help the reader check his/her own understanding of the material. Finally, students could publish their iBook on the iBooks Store. Though elementary students created this project, it could certainly be stretched to other grades!