Read Across America: Book Wall

Creator: Garrett Sims (@gtwitsims)
Suggested Grade Level: Elementary
Subject Area: English/Language Arts, Interdisciplinary

Learning Objective

Students share their favorite book and make deeper connections to literature by creating a small space on Padlet with a picture of the book, the cover, and an explanation of why they like it.

Project Description

It was a really simple idea that grew and grew. Each student uploaded the cover of their favorite book and then typed in a description. Each child was asked to explain WHY it was so important to them. We also got teachers, former teachers, parents, grandparents, principals, other administrators, city officials, and regular citizens of our city involved. After that – we went “cyber-fishing.” I had each child find the twitter handle of someone famous – actors, athletes, singers, etc. We sent a tweet out to each of them to ask if they would participate in our Book Wall. We were lucky enough to have mega-star Chris Pratt respond to our tweet!


Check out the Padlet Wall from Garrett’s class and feel free to participate by adding your own:

Extending the Project

Students could read new books off of the wall and then do a book talk for it. Perhaps the book talks could then be recorded and shared on another wall to extend the conversation. This project could be applicable to any grade level and any subject where teachers want students to engage in reading and sharing their ideas.