Collaborative Stock Market Game

MathMiddle School

Creator: Beth Holland (@brholland)
Suggested Grade Level: Middle School
Subject Area: Math

Project Description
In playing The Stock Market Game, students gain real-world experience with trading, advanced mathematics concepts, and economics. They also compete against other individuals, teams, and schools from across the country. By incorporating spreadsheets, in addition to the paper forms provided by the game, students gain hands-on experience with writing formulas and leveraging graphing capabilities.

Beyond using Excel or Numbers, students can collaborate on this process by using a combination of Google Forms and Spreadsheets. The end result is that they not only learn the math, but also the concepts of raw vs. formatted data and the establishment of business rules for effective collaboration. To scaffold the process, 7th graders played the game using primarily off-line tools, and 8th graders collaborated in a Google Docs environment.

>>>For an overview of the 7th grade workflow, visit Beth’s blog.

Extending the Project
The only limitation of this project is the students’ mathematical capabilities and comprehension. For an interdisciplinary project, connections could be made to the History curriculum by tying into the creation and evolution of the stock market. Public speaking or non-fiction writing could be incorporated as students present their findings.