High SchoolScience

Creator: Jodie Deinhammer (@jdeinhammer)
Suggested Grade Level: High School
Subject Area: Science

Project Description
As an introduction to the unit, students created a brief stop motion video that demonstrates an action potential being sent down the axon of a nerve. Using a combination of iPads, the My Create app, and leftover Halloween candy, students had to build a nerve, demonstrate the basic steps of nerve impulse, and show their comprehension of the basic functioning of the neuron.

This activity was completed in two 50 minute class periods. On the first day, students practiced and planned their animations. They created their videos on the second. They had no prior knowledge of nerve structure or function, and self taught the majority of this as well as the MyCreate app.

>>>Learn more about this activity and see project examples on Jodie’s blog.

Project created by @jess_nes

Extending the Project
Stop action animation could be used to demonstrate a variety of scientific concepts including physics experiments as well as other biological systems. It could also support teaching sequencing as well as digital storytelling.