January 3, 2014

Reading Round-up for Week 2 of Winter Vacation
Happy New Year! We're all snowed in up here in New England, so most of us have not yet gone back to school. For those of you who have, we hope that 2014 has started out strong. We continued digging into the archives of 2013 this week and tweeted out a few of our favorite articles each day. If you missed our @EdTechTeacher21 tweets, here’s the FULL list. Just keep an eye out for reads 18-20 this weekend…..
Week #2
  1. iPad As Trojan Mouse from Justin Reich
  2. When to Put the Tech Away in Your 1:1 Classroom from Shawn McCusker & Beth Holland
  3. 8 Steps to Great Digital Storytelling from Samantha Morra
  4. The Social Media Dilemma Facing Schools from Patrick Larkin
  5. Five Amazing Ways to Collaborate with Another Class - from Holly Clark
  6. 5 Ways To Support Teachers Skeptical Of Technology - from Shawn McCusker
  7. iPads And… Combining the Physical & Digital in Elementary Classrooms - from Beth Holland
Week #1
  1. 6 Ways Students Can Collaborate With iPads from Greg Kulowiec
  2. iPad or Chromebook? 4 Questions to Ask from Beth Holland
  3. All the Good Apps Fit on One Screen
  4. iPad Collaboration Part 2 from Greg Kulowiec
  5. Failure Is Mandatory: Creating A Culture Of Innovation from Tom Daccord & Justin Reich
  6. The Textbook is Dead, Long Live the Textbook! from Shawn McCusker
  7. 5 Myths about Writing with Mobile Devices from Beth Holland
  8. Blow the Top Off Your Rubric from Shawn McCusker
  9. Is iPad a Solution or a Problem for Schools?  from Patrick Larkin
  10. Why (Not How) We Should Use iPads In Education from Greg Kulowiec