FEBRUARY 4 – 5, 2019


Design 39 Campus


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The Innovation in Learning Conference will be hosted at Design29 Campus in San Diego, CA. The conference is designed as a collaborative endeavor for teachers, technology integration specialists, and administrators. 


How it Works: 

Choose to follow one of our four conference strands below then take a deep dive into this topic over the course of our 2-day event. Gather each morning for a keynote session followed by a morning and afternoon break out session with your strand. Participants must choose one strand for the entire event. Continental Breakfast and Lunch provided each day. 

Personalized Learning

Tom Driscoll will take you through the rapidly emerging concept of personalized learning along with justifications for its role in transformative education.

Project Based Learning

Shawn McCusker will to share examples and strategies for incorporating project-based learning into curriculum.

Design Thinking

Greg Kulowiec leads this strand with a deep dive hands-on approach to understanding and teaching design thinking in our classrooms. 

Differentiated Instruction 

Rosey McQuillan will explore how technology can be leveraged to facilitate differentiation and foster self-advocacy in students. 



Keynote Speaker 

Greg is an EdTechTeacher senior instructor and former history teacher who coined the phrase “appsmashing.”


Personalized Learning

Tom is an EdTechTeacher instructor and Director of Learning and Technology in Bristol, Rhode Island.


Differentiated Instruction

Rosey is an EdTechTeacher Instructor and Director of Learning in MA. 


Design Thinking

Greg is an EdTechTeacher senior instructor and former history teacher who coined the phrase “appsmashing.”


Project Based Learning

Shawn is an EdTechTeacher instructor and former history teachers and administrator. 


Ignite Talk Presenter

Mindy Ahrens is the founding Principal at Sisu Academy ( a tuition-free boarding High school in San Diego.) 


Choose one of the four conference strands – Personalized Learning, Design Thinking, Project Based Learning, or Differentiated Instruction through Technology – and take a deep dive into this topic over the course of the 2 day event.

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  • STRAND 4

Differentiated Instruction thru Technology

A Foundation for Instruction and Learning

This course will begin with defining Differentiation and Universal Design and how technology can meet the needs of student variability inherent in all classrooms. We know that it can be challenging to design the learning environment and experiences that meet the needs of all learners. We will look at Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a way to remove barriers in the designing of the classroom environment and implementation of the curriculum so that all learners can be successful.

Participants will explore how technology can be leveraged to facilitate differentiation and foster self-advocacy in students. Differentiation is not a one-size-fits-all solution; rather, it is a flexible approach to teaching in which educators actively plan for the differences in their students. The goal is for students to be able to effectively learn, see themselves as learners and take ownership for their learning. By utilizing technology to differentiate instruction, teachers can better ensure that learners can achieve the skills and strategies necessary to foster student advocacy.

During this hands-on workshop, participants will explore a variety of sites, tools, and apps in order to leverage technology and scaffold student learning. In particular, we will focus on how technology can support teachers in differentiating: content (what students learn), the process (how students learn), the product (how they demonstrate their learning) and the environment (where and with whom students learn) in their classrooms Upper Elementary to High School. 


Project Based Learning

Introduction to Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students explore real-world problems and challenges over an extended period of time, acquiring deeper knowledge and expertise. Applicable across grade-levels and content areas, PBL has seen a resurgence in interest. Project Based Learning, paired with the ever-growing technology access available in many educational settings, offer educators unique possibilities in unit design.

Intentional use of technology within the essential design elements of PBL provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of concepts, refine 21st Century Skills, and publish to a public audience. In this intensive workshop, participants will learn the essential design elements of PBL, define the difference between a Project and true Project-based learning. With PBL, we will identify and align student learning goals, discuss strategies to help students construct powerful driving questions to support sustained inquiry, and maximize authenticity. In addition to offering student choice and voice through the use of technology. Participants will also explore examples of PBL, identify and create assessment frameworks for PBL, and reimagine current curriculum in order to implement a Project Based Learning path in their classroom.


Design Thinking

Day 1: 

During the first workshop day, participants will be introduced to the concept of Design Thinking and will engage in the Design Thinking Process to experience the framework first-hand. With an emphasis on the mindset, philosophy, and purpose of design thinking, participants will develop a solid understanding of both the why and the what of Design Thinking. Further, participants will engage in mini hands-on design challenges and will begin to develop their own design challenges for classroom use.

Day 2: 

During the second workshop day, the emphasis will be on exploring Design Thinking in a classroom / educational setting. Through a process of examining a combination of archived examples (articles / video) and live mini-presentations, participants will begin to solidify their understanding of both the Design Thinking process and how it can be effectively used as a model for classroom discovery, student engagement, and personalized learning. With a day two emphasis on the practical application of Design Thinking in education, participants will begin to develop an understanding of the “how” of Design Thinking in the classroom.


Personalized Learning

Day 1: 

During day #1 of the workshop, participants will explore the rapidly emerging and evolving concept of personalized learning.  Through an examination of current research and practical examples in action across the nation, participants will identify key elements of personalization and how these approaches can advance learning for all students.  Key ideas explored will include: dynamic learner profiles, flexible pathways and progressions, learner agency, and the essential role of social-emotional learning (SEL) in student-centered environments.

Day 2: 

Day #2, participants will engage in hands-on simulations and design challenges that will help them effectively implement personalized learning in their classrooms and schools.  During these activities, we will examine how personalized learning shifts educator practices and explore strategies that help teachers develop the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in these modern learning environments.  We will also discuss ways to scale effective classroom implementation across schools with strategic actions that leaders can take, such as applying personalized learning principles to professional learning opportunities for educators.  Participants will leave Day #2 with a firm grasp of personalized learning along with practical takeaways that they can readily implement in their educational settings. 


DAY 1 


7:45 – Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:15 – Introductions and Keynote Presentation

9:30 – Morning Session

12:00 – Provided Lunch

12:45 – Session #4

1:00 – Afternoon Session

3:30 – End of Day

DAY 2 


8:00 – Inspire Sessions with Strand Instructors

9:00 – Morning Session

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Afternoon Session

3:30 – End of Day


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