May 1, 2018

Schools & Random Acts of Innovation

The following post is an excerpt from EdTechTeacher CEO, Tom Daccord’s new blog:

“Few individual schools sustain random acts of innovation over time.” -Stanford researcher Linda Darling-Hammond

In schools across America, administrators and teachers are making forays into innovative practices such as design thinkingmakerspaces, and personalized learning. These initiatives are often undertaken by well-meaning educators who believe that introducing these concepts at some level at their institutions will launch widespread classroom innovation. Often these initiatives are piloted in specific classrooms and sometimes result in the creation of a newly defined space (such as a makerspace). Unfortunately, select attempts at innovation by schools rarely bring about systemic reform. Almost invariably, these attempts at innovation are not sustained over time. Moreover, attempts at innovation by schools have become so frequent and disconnected in recent years that one educational observer has termed them “random acts of innovation.”
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