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So We’ve Been Thinking is an EdTechTeacher Podcast that will document and tell the stories curated by Greg Kulowiec & Shawn McCusker as they explore the world of education, technology, innovation & work.

The Latest Episode

So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 21 – Erin Woo on Mindfulness 

In the first episode for season 2 of the podcast, Greg was able to connect with Erin Woo of the Mindfulness Center at Brown University. Erin shares her experience and insight into mindfulness that starts at the beginning with a clear understanding on what it truly means to be mindful. From taking a breath to […]

So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 23 – Darnisa Amante – A Commitment to Equity 

If Equity work is going to be meaningful, it requires more than just a passing commitment of time and energy, more than just inviting a speaker or distributing materials. It means that community as a whole is going to take a good hard look in the mirror. So what does an Equity process look like and what does it entail? Shawn talks about Equity in Education with Dr. Darnisa Amante of Disruptive Equity Education Project (DEEP)

So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 24 – Lauren Bercuson – Making Storytime Meaningful 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is currently a popular focus for schools because evidence suggests that effective SEL improves academic learning. How can we best teach students skills like self-awareness, self- management, empathy, perspective taking and cooperation? Today’s guest is someone who combines her love of reading and knowledge of books to provide support to people […]