So We’ve Been Thinking: Episode 16 – Haley Shoaf – Coding in the New World of Work

SWBT Episode 16 (1)

In episode 16 Shawn speaks with Haley Shoaf, the Vice President of Impact at Launch Code. LaunchCode is an innovative start up that aims to address the shortage of talented coders by providing paid internships and training to people in cities around the country. More than just preparing people for the new world of work, this program allows people to change their lives and find a place in the rapidly changing and tech focused economy.

How To Start Integrating Coding Into Project Based Learning – from Kate Wilson

PBL + Coding

This post first appeared on Edudemic. True Project Based Learning (PBL) challenges students to acquire deeper knowledge of a concept by establishing connections outside their classroom. According to the research on PBL, the main tenets are to create real world connections, develop critical thinking skills, foster structured collaboration, motivate student driven work, and enable a […]