From Hewlett’s OER Meeting to AERA – new thoughts from Justin Reich

Since EdTechTeacher Co-Founder, Justin Reich, moved his blog to Education Week on April 9th, he’s been writing prolifically.  Here are some highlights and insights from the past week. Massive Online Courses Create Bragging Rights for Universities, and Other Insights From Hewlett’s OER Meeting In discussion about the obstacles to the wide-spread adoption of Open Educational Resources […]

Co-Director, Justin Reich, moves EdTechResearcher to Education Week

This week, Justin’s blog, EdTechResearcher, is moving to Education Week. The mission of the blog has been to create a space at the intersection of research and practice: by translating research findings into plain language or raising research questions out of the triumphs and puzzles of practicing educators. Justin hopes that the partnership with Education Week will […]