Telling the Story of Learning through “Kid Cams” – Guest Post from Tim Kaegi

Tim Kaegi Kid Cam

This guest post from Innovation Summit speaker, Tim Kaegi (@TLKaegi), first appeared on Daily Genius. Given the ever-changing philosophies in the educational landscape, proving that learning is happening in the classroom has been redefined. Sure, traditional worksheets and formal assessments can still be shared and sent home, but other options to display students’ learning now […]

4 Reasons To Publish Student Writing As Videos – Guest Post from Meghan Zigmond


This guest post from Innovation Summit Featured Speaker, Meghan Zigmond (@MeghanZigmond) first appeared on Daily Genius. Writer’s Workshop is a magical time in the primary grades. There are students all over the classroom. They’re standing, sitting, wobbling, or laying on their bellies relaxed. They’re thinking, sketching, writing, reading, sharing with partners, adding details, and more. […]

Google Classroom + Apple Classroom = The Complete iPad Classroom – From Ben Sondgeroth

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Learn more from Ben by connecting with him on Twitter! @Mr_Sondgeroth When schools deliver iPads into their classrooms, teachers often respond with two questions: how do I organize my students’ digital coursework and how will my classroom management change?  With the release of iOS 9.3 in 2016, teachers now have two answers to these questions. […]