Weekly iPad Resources & Suggestions

In addition to this week’s list of resources, make sure to visit our iPad As… page. Objectives 1-5 have been updated, and more changes are slated to come next week. Examples of Practice: Using iPads to Document Student Work | Reading By Example Using iPads as an administrator to document and promote student work. Tags: administrator ipad documentation administration examples Examples of […]

From Smoke Signals to Tweets – from Beth & Shawn McCusker on Edudemic

EdTechTeacher’s Beth Holland collaborated with Chicago educator, Shawn McCusker (@ShawnMcCusker) on this post for Edudemic. From Smoke Signals to Tweets: How The Evolution Of Communication Is Changing Your Classroom From quill and ink, to slate and chalk, to pencil and paper, to typewriter, to computer, to iPad…. each evolution of technology has allowed students to […]

5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them) – From Tom on Edudemic

Over the last few years K-12 schools and districts across the country have been investing heavily in iPads for classroom use. EdTechTeacher has been leading iPad professional development at many of these schools and we’ve seen firsthand how they approach iPad integration. While we’ve witnessed many effective approaches to incorporating iPads successfully in the classroom, […]