iPads And… Combining the Physical and Digital in Elementary Classrooms – From Beth on A Platform for Good

This post first appeared on A Platform for Good – a new project from the Family Online Safety Institute. When I was still in the classroom, my fourth graders engaged in an interdisciplinary study of Africa culminating in an Africa Travel Fair. Students created booths to advertise a country, and the school community visited the event. During […]

When to Put the Tech Away in Your 1:1 (or Any) Classroom – from Shawn & Beth on Edudemic

The following post was written by EdTechTeacher’s Shawn McCusker and Beth Holland. They will also be leading EdTechTeacher Summer Workshops in Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston. It originally appeared on Edudemic. When we work with schools embarking on 1:1 programs, losing classroom culture often tops the list of concerns. Teachers worry about too much screen time […]