Our team is packed with current and former history and social studies teachers: Tom Daccord, Justin Reich, Greg Kulowiec, and Shawn McCusker. Always working to create new resources specific to this curriculum, we have created two partner sites.

The Center for Teaching History with Technology

Teaching History with Technology aims to help K-12 history and social studies teachers incorporate technology effectively into their courses.

Visit thwt.org  (site will open in a new window)

Best of History Web Sites

Best of History Web Sites is an award-winning portal that contains annotated links to over 1200 history web sites as well as links to hundreds of quality K-20 history lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, games, quizzes, and more. It has been recommended by The Chronicle of Higher Education, The National Council for the Social Studies, The New York Public Library, The BBC, and Princeton University.

Visit besthistorysites.net (site will open in a new window)