American Association of Physics Teachers

Find a list of resources for teaching astronomy, physics, and physical sciences including reports, articles, suggested websites, YouTube channels, and multimedia produced by their partners. The list is frequently updated so it’s worth checking back on a regular basis.

Physics World

Stay current with the news, views, and information from the global physics community at the Institute of Physics. You can also search their “I am a teacher” resource page to find classroom resources, information on grants, extracurricular activities for students, as well as professional development for you.

The Universe and More

Get your kids excited about physics! The Universe and More is your source for educational games on graphing, polarity, and waves.

Physics Central

The American Physical Society presents this student-oriented hub of information on physics – how it works, why it’s important, and how we can apply it to current events. By providing examples of physics in action, famous people in physics, pictures, podcasts, a writer’s gallery, and an “ask & experiment” feature, Physics Central creates an in-depth interactive community that is fun and accessible to students. In particular,

Physics in Pictures

features exciting illustrations of nature’s physical beauty as well as humankind’s ingenuity.

Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets

This site provides some educational java applets to help visualize various concepts in math, physics, and engineering. Topics include oscillations and waves, acoustics, signals, electricity and magnetism, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and more. Be sure to check out the bottom of the homepage as well for an impressively extensive list of other resources in Physics and other science and math fields.

MyPhysics Lab

MyPhysics Lab does not just provide a large variety of classic physics simulations using Java, but also includes puzzles, puzzle answers, physical explanations (including different methods), definitions, numerical solutions, analytical solutions, as well as the ability to adjust the size and speed of each simulation. This site is a perfect resource for in-class supplementary material, as well as individual student work.

Peanut Software

The Peanut Software Homepage provides several open source applications used to draw mathematical graphs in a coordinate system. Click on each of the options to see what they are used for and download them for free.

AP Physics wiki

This detailed teaching wiki from a Massachusetts high school teacher provides not only resources and experiments from his AP Physics class, but also showcases links to archived assignments and references for teachers. Be sure to click under “Experiments” for detailed lesson plans and instructions on student projects.

This site is a guide to all things physics provided by the Physics in Society team at the Institute of Physics. Search from over 4,000 handpicked physics websites, read special features, play games, ask questions, try an experiment, search news articles relating to physics, and get help on homework and useful study tips. Check out the “Explore” page for highly rated websites related to Physics or the “Study” page for experiments and study-help separated by high school and college level courses.

The Physics Classroom

Developed as an online tutorial for high school physics students, The Physics Classroom is an impressive tutorial covering everything from basic to more advanced physics topics in an organized and accessible manner. Teachers will find the breakdown of each lesson and sub-lesson helpful, as well as the site’s ability to link topics from current and past subjects (an essential feature in the study of the physical world). As well as detailed lessons, students can access the “Mind on Physics” section for over 1300 carefully constructed questions to help understand basic concepts in the classroom. As well as photo galleries, animations, problem sets, and curriculum ideas, The Physics Classroom is a highly valuable resource for any high school physics teacher.

Rader’s Physics4Kids

An introductory site to Physics for younger students, Physics4Kids provides a resourceful, informative website to explore topics such as motion, heat, electricity, light, modern studies, and more. Check out the sections at the bottom of the homepage for activities and quizzes, as well as real-world examples of physics in action.

NOVA | Physics & Math

This webpage presented by NOVA is a helpful link between the studies of Physics and Mathematics, often undermined in practices. Read articles, audio stories from physicists, expert Q&A, interviews, and episodes of a physics & math series produced by NOVA teachers. Explore mysterious dark matter, unbroken coded structures, and nuclear chemists’ quest for new elements.