April 10, 2018

“Unfreezing” Teachers: Why So Many Technology Initiatives Are Stagnating

The following post is an excerpt from EdTechTeacher CEO, Tom Daccord’s new blog: tomdaccord.com.

Over the last six years schools and districts have spent millions of dollars equipping their students and faculty with iPads and Chromebooks, often in an attempt to create one-to-one classrooms. Many schools have held hope that these devices might lead to a surge of innovation in classroom practice. Now years removed from the iPad/Chromebook wave, many schools and districts have found that instruction has barely changed and some schools have cut back on their technology programs. Many teachers and administrators point to perceived deficiencies in the devices for the lack of sustained enthusiasm in tech-infused classrooms. For instance, teachers in iPad classrooms have complained that students cannot type effectively on the iPads. Teachers in Chromebook classrooms complain that the device does not include PowerPoint. Yet, complaints about device deficiencies are typically symptoms of the problem and not its root cause.
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