August 18, 2021

Using Pre-made Templates to Get Started with Canva for EDU

Canva for EDU has many templates that are already created and can serve as an entry point to help students explore the program’s possibilities.  By using a pre-made template, students can get ideas about what is possible and then learn the mechanics of the program by changing the design elements and settings as they customize the template.  

Canva is a very robust program that has a wide variety of options in terms of color, fonts, alignment, and other design elements.  It could be overwhelming at first, but by exploring the possibilities in a pre-made template, students can begin to discover what is possible.  

There are pre-made templates for infographics, interactive online activities, collaborative activities, videos, slideshows, and more.  Students can create an All About Me introductory video, a presentation about summer activities, or even a book talk about their favorite book from the summer. 

Check out this video to explore more about transforming pre-made templates into customized student creations.