April 5, 2012

Weekly iPad Resources and Suggestions from EdTechTeacher (3/23)


In addition to this annotated list of apps and ideas, EdTechTeacher’s Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland also maintain the iPad for ETT Diigo Group as well as The iPad As… page which groups apps and resources based on learning goals.

Technology in (SPL) Education | Recommended Apps by IEP Goal/Skill page

This site provides a complete listing of apps to support students with learning differences.

Tags: assistivetechnology, iPad, apps, education, differentiation

Reading: The Core Skill:Reading Remixed

This is a great article about the evolution of reading. Given the influx of iPads and eReaders into classrooms, the concept of “books” is certainly changing.

Tags: iPad, education, elementary, ebooks, english, history, reading

Three Ring | An App for Teachers to Create Educational Portfolios of Student Work with an iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone

This is an interesting new app for digitizing student work and creating online portfolios for assessment.

Tags: portfolios, assessment, iPad, apps, education, technology


This app is designed for toddlers to help build number recognition and counting skills. It could also be used in early childhood centers as a review or to provide remediation.

Tags: iPad, elementary, counting, early-childhood


This app helps to build word associations. Intended for toddlers, it could also be used to support early readers.

Tags: iPad, elementary, early-childhood, reading


This app is free until April, though know that some content becomes an in-app purchase. Bookabi allows students to create their own storybooks with 2D and 3D characters. They can upload their own photos and pictures plus save and share their final projects.

Tags: iPad, education, elementary, english, ebooks, digital storytelling

Technology Timesavers for Teachers

This is a great article about teacher time savers with the iPad. In addition to recommending some apps, it also has suggestions for workflow.

Tags: ipad, teachers, technology, timesavers, apps

Compound Words Montessori

This game provides a visual means for students to identify root words and create compound words.

Tags: ipad, montessori, app, education, english, elementary, differentiation