April 27, 2012

Weekly iPad Resources and Suggestions from EdTechTeacher (4/16)


In addition to this annotated list of apps and ideas, EdTechTeacher’s Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland also maintain the iPad for ETT Diigo Group as well as The iPad As… page which groups apps and resources based on learning goals.

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iPads in Education

This is a site maintained by Apple Distinguished Educators in the UK.

Tags: education, apps


This free service helps you to build your own apps for either iOS or Android.

Tags: apps, development, ipad

Steps to Implement a 1:1 iPad Program

From the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, this guide provides 21 steps to successful iPad implementation.
Tags: 1:1, implementation

7 Things You Should Know about iPads for Learning

An Educase publication about 7 iPad Apps for Learning

Tags: education

San Francisco University HS: 1:1 iPad Initiative

High School 1:1 iPad initiative website

Tags: 1:1, initiative, ipad initiative

107 Favorite iPad Apps for K-8 « Ask a Tech Teacher

Apps for the K-8 classroom

Tags: K-8


This app connects your iPad to any projection device connected to a computer and shows live presentations, pols, and Tweet walls.

Tags: polls, tweet, apps, education, technology


This free photography app is designed to turn your iPad into a “portal” for virtual tours.

Tags: virtual tours, virtual field trips, photography, ipad, apps, education, technology

Apps in Education: Monster List of iBook Tutorials

A compilation of resources for using iBooks Author

Tags: ibooks, iBooksAuthor, ibooks author, ibook