April 20, 2012

Weekly iPad Resources and Suggestions from EdTechTeacher (4/9)
iPad In addition to this annotated list of apps and ideas, EdTechTeacher’s Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland also maintain the iPad for ETT Diigo Group as well as The iPad As... page which groups apps and resources based on learning goals. WolframAlpha The app leverages the power of the online WolframAlpha search engine and also performs computations. Tags: ipad, apps, wolfram alpha, math, statistics, graphing, science, technology, education Preparing Your School for an iPad Implementation - iPads in Education This is a great post about preparing a school for an iPad deployment. Tags: ipad, implementation, deployment, mlearning Molecules This free app lets students view and manipulate molecules in 3D. Tags: ipad, apps, science, chemistry, biology, molecules Apps for Literacy Support : Spectronic Spectronics, a company that focuses on Inclusive Learning Technologies, has put together this list of apps for literacy support. Not all of them are free, but they make great suggestions. Tags: ipad, apps, Special Education, literacy, differentiation, elementary Coaster Physics This app gives students hands-on experience with the laws of physics. For $.99, it's a very cool app. Tags: physics, coaster, apps, ipad, science WordWeb Dictionary This is a great, free, dictionary app that also includes audio pronunciations. Tags: dictionary, ipad, apps, elementary, english Teacher Experience Exchange - 9 web 2.0 sites to publish student work This is a great list of options for publishing student work either as PDF, ePub, or other document format. Tags: publishing, web2.0, ebooks, ipad, apps, epub SlideShark | PowerPoint Presentations on the iPad Present powerpoint files from an iPad. By uploading to SlideShark - web based or from an iPad - open and present from an iPad. Tags: presentation, appletv Exoplanet This is a visual database of "extra solar planets" that includes images, visualizations, animations, and links to scientific publications Tags: ipad, apps, science, astronomy Class Widgets - Custom Widgets for iBooks Author This is a great site full of widgets to use when creating publications using iBooks Author. Tags: ibooks, widgets, Author, ebooks, publishing, ipad Stencyl - Upgrade to iOS Pro Create iOS games from this program. 149$ to publish games to app store Data and Analysis of a High School 1:1 iPad Program. « Data & analysis of an iPad program at a HS level. Tags: data, analysis, research, 1:1 Edmodo Edmodo is a free social networking/blended learning platform for schools. It now has an app as well. Tags: ipad, apps, edmodo, education, blended learning iPads (or other devices) and Literature Circles – co-starring Edmodo. This is a great article about using iPads to create literature circles. Tags: ipad, apps, edmodo, literature circles, education, literacy, english, ebooks A Principal's Reflections: Mobile Interactivity That Won’t Break the Bank Step by step process of creating a "IWB" using Apple TV, iPad and projector. Tags: appletv iTeach Physics This app could be a great review for a basic physics class. It includes a study guide and covers most common units such as motion, vectors, energy, and optics. Tags: ipad, apps, physics, science, technology iTeach Maths For $.99, this is a great app for a general math review. It covers Arithmetic to Calculus, and could be a good study guide or resource for review. Tags: ipad, app, math, education iTeach Chemistry Another app in the "iTeach" collection, this one addresses Chemistry, providing a solid study resource to accompany the curriculum. Tags: ipad, app, chemistry, science Technology in (SPL) Education | Lexico Cognition for iPhone "Lexico-Cognition is an App to develop language understanding, vocabulary building, cognitive, memory and auditory skills in a playful way. It was developed and tested by qualified speech therapists. " Tags: technology, education, cognition, vocabulary, differentiation, ipad, apps, elementary Apps in Education: 10 Animation Apps This is a good list of animation apps. Most of them are not free, but they could be good alternatives for digital storytelling. Tags: ipad, apps, animation The Evolving Classroom This is a great blog from a group of educators in Texas. They have written a few good articles about iPad deployment as well as mobile technologies in the classroom. Tags: ipad, education, technology, deployment Learning Ratings | Common Sense Media Common Sense offers great reviews and advice to parents as well as educators. Their new Beta site - Learning with Technology - reviews apps, games, and other media for kids in terms of learning. Tags: commonsense media, apps, iPads, parents, technology, education, elementary