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July 27, 2012

Weekly iPad Resources and Suggestions from EdTechTeacher (7/17-23)
iPadIn addition to this annotated list of apps and ideas, EdTechTeacher’s Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland also maintain the iPad for ETT Diigo Group as well as The iPad As... page which groups apps and resources based on learning goals. MasteryConnect This free tool works on a computer, with paper, or on an iOS device and is designed to support formative assessment of common core standards. Tags: assessment, commoncore, ipad, apps, Education, technology mySchoolNotebook.com This is an interesting, new, cloud-based note taking tool. Could have a lot of potential. Tags: notes, notebook, organization, myschoolnotebook, web2.0 ZillyDilly This claims to be the first browser created by a doctor that is just for kids. The idea is that parents and educators curate content and students then can only access what they have identified. An interesting concept to present curated vs. filtered content. Tags: ipad, app, Education, Elementary The Innovative Educator: A Friendly Guide to Deploying iPads at Your School Another good post on iPad deployment Tags: ipad, ipaded, deployment Science Werkz For the moment, ScienceWerkz is free - after that $.99. These iBooks provide interactive content for the study of middle school science. Tags: ipad, apps, Education, science, ebooks, iBooks 16 Cool iPad Math Apps (That Your Child Might Actually Love!) Most of these are not free, however, it is a good set of math app options. Tags: ipad, math, apps, Education, Elementary