iPadEdTechTeacher’s Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland maintain a Diigo Group full of iPad resources. The list below represents their finds for the week of January 9, 2012.

The lite, free, version of this web service lets you create presentations and import them from either PowerPoint or Google Docs.

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The LitCharts Library provides chapter summaries to some of the most frequently read books in high school English curricula. It also features an iPhone App for reading. Teachers should be aware of this site as it bills itself as “the faster, downloadable alternative to SparkNotes.”

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This site makes recommendations for young children and helps guide parents towards educational apps.

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I Teach Therefore IPod
A great blog from an educator in Maryland who is teaching with iPods and iPads.

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QR voice
This is an incredible site to use with mobile devices equipped with a QR Code scanning app. You type up to 100 characters, and it generates a QR code that then plays an audio clip of what was written. Write in 40 different languages and hear the correct pronunciations. Note that this does not translate text from one language to another.

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Creating Custom Digital Content for iPad: Educators Have Options
This article from I Education Apps Review lists out a series of apps to use for creating custom digital content. Not all of them are free, but the list presents some interesting options.

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This app allows you to film the same scene from multiple devices and then combine the footage into a single video from the app itself. ($5.99)

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iPad: eBooks X LibriVox = Free Read Along
EdTechTeacher’s Greg Kulowiec wrote this great post about using LibriVox to find free audio books for iPad/iPhone.

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