December 7, 2012

Weekly iPad Resources & Suggestions
In addition to this week’s list of resources, make sure to visit our iPad As… page. Objectives 1-5 have been updated, and more changes are slated to come next week. Examples of Practice: Using iPads to Document Student Work | Reading By Example Using iPads as an administrator to document and promote student work. Tags: administrator ipad documentation administration examples Examples of Practice: Using iPads and Evernote When Assessing Readers | Reading By Example  Using Evernote to assess readers.  This ties in the SAMR Model as well. Tags:SAMR reading evaluating Evernote administrator Recommended iPad Apps for Administrators | Reading By Example  Suggested iPad apps for administrators Tags: administrators administration Roadshow  Collect web videos and then play them offline on your iPad. Roadshow lets you browse the web and add videos to a collection. Tags: ipad app video iPad2 Pilot – 8 Science  iPad in a middle school science classroom Tags: science science_ipad iPad_Science middle_school science_blog blog Texas Transformations: MyCreate  Texas teacher created stop action animations with MyCreate to demonstrate understanding of anatomy. Tags: anatomy science middle school high high school project blog myCreate for iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, i… Stop motion app that allows for creation with voice-over. Tags: stop-motion stop motion stop_motion video editing voiceover voiceovers iPaddiction: Common Craft Type Videos Entirely On The iPad  This is a BRILLIANT use of the iPad to create Common Craft style videos using Drawn-n-Share Lite and Explain Everything.

common craft video iPad app digital digital storytelling project

Pain and Remedies of Sharing iPads in Schools  Blog post about solutions & problems of sharing iPads Tags: shared ipadcart sharedipads sharing share PaperPort Notes goes from Amazing to Awesome! | Free Resources from the Net for EVERY L…  Paperport Notes has an update that allows for OCR recognition.  A Paperport notes account is required for this to happen.  Any picture that is snapped and pulled into a note can now be read by an iPad or even edited within the app. Tags: OCR paperport Paperportnotes annotation notes literacy Algebra Touch  App for helping students solve algebraic formulas. Tags: Math ipad algebra high school iPad Literacy Project: EE, Evernote, and iTunesU – Explain Everything  Interesting video about a literacy project that combined ExplainEverything and iTunesU Tags: project elementary literacy ExplainEverything Evernote iTunesU Apps in Education  Categories across the top of the blog with links to content specific apps Tags: content specific Math Science Language ForeignLanguage History ContentSpecific teachwithyouripad – iPad Apps  Apps by category / content Tags: content specific Math Science Language ForeignLanguage History Pine Glen Library & Technology Center » Core iPad Apps  List of core iPad apps used by elementary school students at teachers at Pine Glen – from @DanCallahan. Tags: apps pineglenn coreapps Social Media PSA | Digital Literacy  Set of videos created by Burlington High School students as social media public service announcements. Tags: social media digital literacy psa project high school 50 Apps In 50 Minutes LACUE – A Listly List  LaCue 50 iPad apps Tags: iPad iPadApps LACUE Three Ring  This is an interesting new app for digitizing student work and creating online portfolios for assessment. It allows teachers to snap pictures of student work and instantly log them into their portfolio. Tags: app portfolio ios threering Mapping Media to the Curriculum » What do you want to CREATE today?  Visual layout of categories of ideas for iPads and then an outline of how to proceed with that idea. Apps, setup and examples provided. Tags: categories objectives curriculum TCEA – iPad Spreadsheet  Categorized spreadsheet of apps Tags: spreadsheet TCEA Math Category Categories List Applist  List of Math iPad apps Tags: math The Mobile Native: Everything BYOD!  Tags: BYOD BYOT/BYOD Resources Music at NTA  Class web site from Chicago music teacher at the National Teacher’s Academy. Tags: music blog project Ms. Laidler: Science in the City  Great class blog from middle school science teacher, Autumn Laidler. Tags: iPad science middle school project blog Skqueak | Every picture has a story.  Similar to Fotobabble, this app lets you add voice, draw, and zoom photos to tell digital stories. Tags: ipad apps education elementary digital storytelling