April 12, 2014

Weekly Resources – All Things Google

It’s a beautiful spring weekend here in New England! To celebrate, we have some new articles and resources for you. This week, we are continuing our All Things Google theme. Did you know that we are offering Google Chromebook & The Google Infused Classroom workshops in BerkeleyChicago, Cambridge, & Los Angeles this summer? We also have some fantastic sessions already confirmed for the ETT Summit that address Chromebooks, collaborating with Google Apps, and even Google Glass!

All Things Google Webinar

Greg Kulowiec and Samantha Morra did a fantastic webinar this past Tuesday, providing a Speed Tour Through “All Things Google.”

They covered everything from Chrome apps to Google Docs in 60 minutes. Our next webinar will be Tuesday, April 15th when Tom Daccord, Justin Reich, Carl Hooker, and Patrick Larkin talk about Leading Change in 1:1 Classrooms. Registration is open!

Google, Chromebook, and Android Resources from the Web

3 Ways to Screencast on a Chromebook
Comparison of screencasting options for Chromebook from Jonathan Wylie.

Create 3D augmented reality adventures by coloring pages and scanning with either iPad or Android.

Free web tool to design your own interactive stories! Create choose your own ending books online and then share them.

Book Creator & Other iPad Apps You Can Also Get For Android
From Tony Vincent, iPad creation apps also available for Android.

How to Make Google Drive Work Like a Desktop Suite
Great intro article for Google Apps.

Scrawlar – Share Drawings and Documents Without Using Email
Thanks to Richard Byrne for this new discovery! Use Scrawlar to share drawings and documents with students. NO email required!

Add bookmarks to create new versions of Google documents : Google Apps Tips
Avoid having to find your Drive tab to create new Docs/Sheets/Slides – simply create bookmarks!

Google-cheat-sheet-7.5X9-updated.png (2700×2250)
Google Search Strategies – one page overview

Add borders and crop images in Google Slides – Drive Help
Directions for how to now edit images inside of Google Slides.