February 22, 2014

Weekly Resources for the End of February

From sunny San Diego to sensational snowstorms, it has been a wild month! On the one hand, it still feels as though iPad Summit San Diego just ended last week. On the other hand, we are hard at work getting ready for our Spring Webinar Series (to be announced in our March newsletter),  Summer Workshops, and our new EdTechTeacher Learning Futures Summit.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have some new resources!

NEW from the EdTechTeacher Team

Why It’s Time To Change How Students Cite Their Work

When writing a paper, it’s an expectation for students to cite their work. However, what about with media-rich projects? In this Edudemic post, Shawn offers up 4 solutions for how students can effectively cite their work with digital projects.

The Global Screencasting Project with Explain Everything & Knowmia Teach

Greg Kulowiec is on a mission to create a global, collaborative, screencasted alphabet! He posted his plans again this week on Free Technology for Teachers. Submissions are now rolling in. Check out the letter “W” from the UK!

Risk and Response: A conversation with danah boyd

On his EducationWeek blog, Justin Reich reflects on his webinar conversation with danah boyd about her new book: It’s Complicated.

Resources from the Web

Install this Chrome Extension (or Safari/Firefox bookmarklet) and let it distill the web. Cruxlight highlights key passages and helps to focus online reading.

Making Worksheets and PDFs Typeable Using Google Draw
Interesting idea to convert PDFs into images, load them into Google Draw, and then share for collaboration.

Carter’s Classroom : Student Created Content- Book Movie Trailers
Oregon educator, Nichole Carter, documented her book trailer project and has some great examples.

Use this web-based tool as a virtual writing tutor. Copy & paste your passage and it analyzes it in terms of the complexity of sentences, use of passive/active voice, as well as the number of words or phrases to simplify. Though not fool-proof, it does offer interesting suggestions.

Reading Goes Digital – 6 Ways Technology Enhances Reading Practices — Digital Rhetoric Collaborative
Good article about using Subtext with elementary students as well as for differentiation

▶ Introducing Screencastify – YouTube
Screencast introduction to Screencastify for Chromebook.

How to use Layar
Great directions for working with Layar

Free Technology for Teachers: ScreenCastify – A Screencasting Option That Works on Chromebooks
Finally! Screencasting for Chromebook!

QR Code Monkey
Fantastic new QR Code generator that is free, has a Chrome app, and the ability to insert a logo or image.

SAMR success is NOT about Tech
Thoughtful post from Richard Wells (@iPadWells) addressing teaching conventions and mindset with regard to implementing the SAMR model.