We’ve had a great start to the new month! When the call for proposals for the EdTechTeacher Summit closed on Monday night, we had over 100 submissions. We then kicked off the month with an outstanding webinar thanks to Shawn McCusker, Samantha Morra, and Carl Hooker. April is setting up to be full of news from the EdTechTeacher team between webinars, summer workshop preparations, and plans for the ETT Summit. We are also completely redesigning our web site and blog, so look forward to plenty of new features and resources!

Spring Webinars

We had a great conversation this week about iPads And… combining the physical & digital to create multimedia content.

For more iPad ideas, check out these great opportunities for summer!

Come join us for our next webinar on Tuesday at 7:00pm EST/4:00pm PST for All Things Google!

NEW from the Team

Curation on the iPad: Learning to appreciate beauty

“With a wealth of information at their fingertips, how can students use the iPad to appreciate resources?” Tom Daccord addresses this question in this eSchool News editorial.

3 Epic Technologies That Transform Teaching & Learning

From dental floss, to GPS, to TiVo, Douglas Kiang explains how technology can be transformative in the most unsuspecting ways.

How Are Students’ Roles Changing in the New Economy of Information?

In the second post of his MindShift series, Learning in the New Economy of Information, Shawn McCusker describes how the abundance of information will result in a shift in the way that future classrooms will operate as well as in the student behaviors that we will value and expect.

Barbaric Yawp in the 21st Century: Using Tech to Engage Budding Poets

Inspired by Dead Poet’s Society’s Mr. Keating, Beth Holland offers three ways that students can leverage technology in order to help students “discover their verse” in this Edutopia article.

The iPad as a hammer: Moving from goals to tools

The challenge of integrating iPads into instruction is not learning apps; it’s imagining the innovative ways this tool can be used. Tom Daccord offers great suggestions in this eSchoolNews article.

Two Free Google Apps that Bring Out the Best In an iPad

In this Free Technology for Teachers post, Samantha Morra offers great suggestions for how to leverage two of Google’s apps on iPad.

BYOD Resources from the Web

This week, we spent some time researching tools for our BYOD workshop this summer. Here’s some new things we discovered.

Book Creator & Other iPad Apps You Can Also Get For Android
From Tony Vincent, iPad creation apps also available for Android.

How to Make Google Drive Work Like a Desktop Suite
Great intro article for Google Apps.

Scrawlar – Share Drawings and Documents Without Using Email
Thanks to Richard Byrne for this new discovery! Use Scrawlar to share drawings and documents with students. NO email required!

How to Print a YouTube Video
While this sounds counter-intuitive, what a cool tool to print a YouTube video as a PDF.

Touch Van Gogh Reviews | edshelf
Explore information in Va Gogh’s masterpieces with this app – iOS & Android.

How to Take a Screenshot on an iPad and Annotate it
Directions, pictures, and video tutorials from Jonathan Wylie for taking a screenshot on iPad and annotating it with a variety of apps.

Doctopus Demo
Fantastic set of directions for Doctopus with Google Add Ons from Sean Junkins.

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