May 10, 2014

Weekly Resources – Spring Survival Guide
At EdTechTeacher, all of us have been in the classroom, so we know the challenges of May: warm weather, end of year pressure, and the allure of summer! This week, we have some great articles, resources, and ideas to help you through the last weeks of school.

Creation & Collaboration Tools for the BYOD Classroom

Lisa Johnson and Samantha Morra did a fantastic job in this week's webinar, offering up some great suggestions for tools that work in any classroom. For even more BYOD, creation, and collaboration ideas, come get inspired at the ETT Summit in July.

Articles from the EdTechTeacher Team

The Invisible iPad: It’s Not About the Device
When we are able to properly strategize our learning objectives and goals, the technology becomes secondary to meaningful learning outcomes; this is how how it becomes the Invisible iPad. ETT Summit presenter, Michael Cohen (@TheTechRabbi), wrote this fantastic post for MindShift, and we can't wait to hear him talk about the invisibility of technology in July!
4 Powerful Formative Assessment Tools For The Chromebook Classroom
Socrative, Geddit, Google Forms, and Kahoot! - learn from Holly Clark about how these four tools can support formative assessment in Chromebook classrooms.
Tools for Professional Learning: Curate, Share, Connect
With mobile devices, teachers have endless opportunities to engage in professional learning. Beth Holland offers a strategy for creating an effective system.
An Introduction to the New Google Drive iPad Apps That Offer Better Offline Support
Samantha Morra highlights the new features of the Docs and Sheets apps for iPad.
Digital Zombie Series: Invisible Cell Phone Shields
In his latest post, Carl Hooker warns of the power - and peril - of the Invisible Cell Phone Shield.

Resources from the web - tools for the BYOD (or any) classroom

Comment Bubble - React to Video Similar to, use Comment Bubble to provide feedback on videos. ActiveTextbook ActiveTextbook could be used as a sort of web-based iBooks Author. Create interactive PDFs that can be viewed on the web. Upload a PDF and then layer on video, images, links, etc. as hotspots. Haiku Deck Create presentations through the web or iOS app. Haiku Deck includes a built-in, Creative Commons search engine and limits the amount of text on each slide to force a focus on the visual aspect of presentation design. Tackk Create interactive posters from any web browser. Content can include images, video, and audio. BigHugeLabs Make posters, magazine covers, and more. Printed projects can be ordered for a price. ThingLink From the web or iOS app, students and teachers can create and collaborate on touch-able images. Snapguide Create image and video rich how-to guides from the web or the iOS app. Desmos Beautiful, free, math! Students can interact with math through the web or the app. Padlet From any device, students can collaborate on Padlet's digital bulletin boards. Blendspace Teachers and students can curate and distribute web based content through Blendspace. This site works on all devices. Trello A web and app-based project management tool, teachers and students can organize projects using cards on digital boards. These can be shared for collaboration. Common Curriculum This is a web-based, collaborative, lesson planning tool for teachers.
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