April 6, 2013

Weekly Resources to Kick Off April
It's hard to believe that our 2nd National iPad Summit kicks off in just a few days. To get ready, we have re-designed, updated, and added to our iPad As... page. We also sent out our April Newsletter and hosted our second webinar of the Spring Series - The Flipped Mobile Classroom. If you missed EdTechTeacher's Greg Kulowiec and Beth Holland, you can watch the recording link and also join them on April 16th at 5:00 pm EST for Chrome As.... Leveraging Chromebooks & the Chrome Browser to Support Student Learning. This week, we are focusing our resources on 1:1 and mobile learning. On that topic, registration is open for the Leading 1:1 & Mobile Learning Summit that we are hosting with The Hill School. The Call for Proposals has been extended to April 19th.

1:1 & Mobile Learning Resources

17 Questions To Consider When Planning BYOD Programs | TeachBytes Overview of question to consider when going BYOD. Go Mobile with your Presentations - Presefy.com allows presentations to be uploaded to a free teacher account (PPTx or PDF and only 2 at a time) that can be viewed on any device when a presentation is live. Free Technology for Teachers: 17 Free Tools for Creating Screen Capture Images and Videos Annotated list of screencasting tools and apps from Richard Byrne - includes Chrome Extensions and iPad Apps. Chrome Toolbox Apps and extensions, broken up by task to category, to support diverse learners. Chrome OS Educational packs Chome educational apps compiled by Google. Pocket Save and view web pages on any device, both on and offline.