Though it has continued to snow in New England this week, the calendar says that Spring is here! If that’s the case, then it can only mean one thing at EdTechTeacher – we are furiously preparing for our 2013 Summer Workshops. That said, we have broadened the scope of our research in light of our new offerings. From this point forward, in addition to iPad resources, you’ll find information about BYOD, Google, Common Core, and more!

iPad Resources

How Does iPad Workflow Fluency Look in Kindergarten

Great post from Silvia Tolisano – aka Langwitches – on workflow realities with kindergarteners.

PageSend interactive whiteboard

PageSend is another free screecasting tool; however, it also allows students to collaboratively screencast from multiple devices.

Mobile Learning in Medfield

Medfield, MA Public Schools Mobile Learning Blog that features great examples of student work.

Fraser Speirs – Blog – Beyond Consumption vs Creation

Moving past Consumption vs. Creation to Task Complexity vs. Duration

Free Technology for Teachers: Studies of iPad Use in Education

Good collection of iPad studies from Richard Byrne.

— We will be offering a variety of iPad workshops this summer in Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston.

Google/ Chrome Book/ Android Resources

How Educators and Schools Can Make the Most of Google Hangouts | Edutopia

Great article and tutorial from Edutopia about using Google Hangouts.

Google Keep

Google’s new note taking tool. It is somewhat like Evernote, has an Android app, and can be accessed via the web.

Free Technology for Teachers: Read & Write – An Accessibility App for Google Docs

Amazing accessibility features for Google Docs with Chrome extension.

Oweb Voice Input

This Chrome Extension allows you to speak directly into any search form, or Google form. Could be great for differentiation.

— July 25-26, we will be offering an All Things Google  workshop in Cambridge, MA near Boston.

BYOD Resources

#1to1techat Blog

Archives and announcements for the #1to1techat community.


With this web service, plug in a URL and it creates a screenshot that can be annotated. The annotated version is then shared with a link.

Digital Literacy in Elementary Schools – Eileen Truitt’s Page

Interesting paper about the impact of mobile devices on elementary curriculum.

— Join us July 22-24 in Cambridge, MA near Boston for Building an Interactive or BYOD Classroom with Multiple Devices: iPads, Interactive White Boards, Laptops, & more.

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