September 7, 2013

Weekly Resources to Kick Off the School Year
It's hard to believe that just about everyone is now back in school! We had a relatively quiet week, and spent the time preparing for the start of our T21 programs, our October Webinar Series, and the upcoming iPad Summits in Boston as well as San Diego.

EdTechTeacher iPad Summit Boston Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the November 14-15 iPad Summit in Boston, MA closes on Friday, September 13th. We are seeking submissions from all education levels, content areas and specialties. Each proposal must fall under one of the following conference strands - Classroom Integration, Leadership, or Technical - and will be scheduled as a one-hour concurrent session during the conference. Submit Your Ideas Before 9/13!

Articles from the EdTechTeacher Team

How to Have More Meaningful iPad Professional Development
The real challenge for educators is not learning a particular device or app. It is learning how to create relevant and meaningful learning environments. In this eSchool News editorial, Tom Daccord offers recommendations for school leaders for supporting their teachers.
Educational Research: To Address Rather Than to Answer
Train educators to read educational research and join those conversations. Ensure that important studies are not only published in technical language, but that summaries are published in accessible language for people without sophisticated methodological training. On his Education Week Blog, Justin Reich summarizes a series of conversations over the past week about various research studies and offers a challenge for moving forward.
Five things to think about as you build your Learning Environment
What resources do you want your students to absorb as they look around during a classroom discussion? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? How do you want your students to feel when they walk into your room? These are just a few questions that Don Orth addresses in this post.
Redefining Learning Through Screencasting
What if we focused on accelerating learning through a single tool? Beth Holland climbs the SAMR ladder with screencasting in this Edutopia article, offering suggestions for redefining the classroom with just one type of app.
A Handful of Ideas for Using Tellagami In School
Using animation with your students can have a profound effect on how they participate in a project. In this Free Technology for Teachers post, Samantha Morra offers suggestions for using Tellagami with students.

Resources from the Web

Animoby Animoby is a sort of screencasting tool, but not really. The idea is to instantly create and publish products that include voice, drawings, and images. MixBit YouTube's response to Vine & Instagram, MixBit allows you to shoot, edit, and post video from your mobile device. Technically an iPhone/iPod app, it would work on iPad. Habits of an effective iPad Teacher Richard Wells created a new illustration of a conversation about what makes an effective iPad Teacher.