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This post first appeared on Edudemic. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek albeit thought-provoking post about the death of the student desk. I was inspired by new classroom set-ups, furniture and a push to an almost “Google-like” classroom workspace. Here is the “Obiturary” in it’s entirety: The Student Desk (known by several […]

Tellagami, a free iOS app that lets you create short animated movies called “Gamis,” is one of my new favorite animation apps to explore. Although the site promotes the app as a way to send greetings and messages for use within social media, I see it as a great tool in the classroom. With Tellagami, […]

This article first appeared on Edudemic. So it’s the beginning of school, and if you’re worth your salt (and you have access), you’ve probably already been in your classroom setting it up. What kind of inspirational posters are you pinning to the walls? How much scotch tape and staples and how many thumbtacks do you […]

This post, co-authored by Holly Clark & Tanya Avrith, first appeared on Edudemic Digital citizenship is not a one time discussion. It is an ongoing process that needs to be taught to all grade levels and to all stakeholders. The problem is that things are changing so rapidly that it is difficult for everyone to […]

This post first appeared on Edudemic and was adapted from a talk that I gave at the iPad Summit in Atlanta. The Boston iPad Summit 2013 is now accepting proposals and offers discounts for early bird registration! As an educator, when I am given a new tool my first thought is “how can I use this […]

“Ms. Clark, when are we going to do that again?”  Nothing makes me happier as an educator than hearing those words –  and lately, I have been hearing them a lot!  It is not the question, as much as the look on the faces of my students, that I enjoy the most. It’s the inspiring […]

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